Orient Lodge 4085

In the Province of Suffolk


As well as the meals after the regular Lodge meetings, most Lodge of Instructions holds a Christmas meal in December where they either try some of the restaurants or hold them in the masonic centre. For the past few years Orient Lodge has held them in the centre.

Ladies Festivals

For many Lodges “Ladies Festivals” have been regularly held for many years. This is where the lodge can thank their wives and girlfriends for supporting them through the year and raise money for the masters chosen charity for that year.

When lodges hold ladies festivals members of all lodges and guests are most welcome. In Lowestoft, lodge members regularly get invites from lodges in the surrounding areas which are held at various venues.

Quiz Nights and White Tables

Quiz nights and other entertainment are held in the centre by lodges to raise money for their charity funds, Orient Lodge recently held a quiz night which was well attended and a lot of fun was had.


At lodge meetings members sit down to dinner after the meeting and carry on the masonic traditions, sometimes our wives and partners are invited to these dinners. These are called White Table events, where we can thank them for all their support.